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September 25, 2010
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A Na Lani with lights by flightresponse A Na Lani with lights by flightresponse
A Na Lani ~ taken from the Hawaiian phrase "From the Heavens"
Created in memory of my aunt.
The size of this piece is 9" x 9"
It's sculpted with Super Sculpey
It was designed to be hung like a picture, although I will probably put it into a shadow box of some sort.
Photo without the lights on: [link]

And thanks again to the much admired and talented sculpture extraordinaire, :iconhandyrand:, for sharing his knowledge and helping me out waaay back when I first started on this project. :)
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Daily Deviation

Given 2011-06-09
A Na Lani with lights by *flightresponse A lovingly composed and detailed memorial sculpture created for the artist's aunt. One could almost imagine being able to step inside... ( Featured by LabyrinthCreations )
Sassycat2 Nov 9, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
It's so magical looking :D It's so beautiful, I think I might cry.
this here, is the definition of amazing :wow:
You're to kind :) Thank you.
I made some mistakes when doing this piece
but it's something I'm learning and now I know what not to do.
As they say, live and learn I guess!
i learn by mistake far too often :P

but i see no mistakes here! this is stunning!
The detail in this piece blows my mind. I really wish I could view it in person, just so I could pour over the rich textures. :D The placement of the back lit doorway draws the viewer forward through the foliage, and into the light.

I've been thinking about venturing into the realm of high relief work. Do you have any suggestions for a beginner?
Thank you! I really haven't been working very long with clay either, just a few years.
I'm still learning a lot with each piece that I do.
The first relief I did, I drew up a plan and measured out everything.
For A Na Lani the only thing I drew a definite plan for were the doors.
I used a lot of wires for the underneath of the plant leaves and such.
To me, It's always good to have a great metal skeleton underneath.
I use a lot of tools from places that I probably shouldn't to create textures,
usually I raid my kitchen. Haha
Hope that helped a little. Nice to know you have similar interests in sculpture.
Maybe we can learn off of each other. I'm always learning! ;)
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